UL Steering Committee Members, Guadalupe Valdés, Amanda Kibler, and Aída Walqui, Publish Paper on Role of ESL Professionals in an Era of New Standards

Friday, April 11, 2014

ESL teachers will play a critical role in the success of Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards implementation with students labeled as English language learners. A new TESOL Professional Paper http://www.tesol.org/read-and-publish/newsletters-other-publications/tesol-professional-papers-and-briefs by Guadalupe Valdés, Amanda Kibler and Aída Walqui provides an overview of the shifting new standards landscape and focuses specifically on the importance of building and enacting teacher expertise. It examines possible roles for ESL professionals and ways of advancing professional expertise by (re)conceptualizing language and language instruction. Viewing teachers – both ESL and discipline-specific – as intellectual decision-makers, the paper invites them to examine the ideas that inform their practice and to provide their students with the scaffolds that will accelerate and deepen their development.