MOOC Madness: New Course on Elementary Math Starts March 26

Mar 17, 2014

We are on a roll with the MOOCs, offered by Kenji Hakuta, Jeff Zwiers, and Sara Rutherford-Quach from Understanding Language. 

If you are interested in supporting language in elementary math, we have a MOOC for that too!  Please feel free to join the 2,500 teachers who have already registered.  The course starts March 26. 

Maria Santos celebrated as District Leader for Common Core and ELLs

Mar 03, 2014

Maria Santos, the deputy superintendent of schools in Oakland, Calif., poses a question to principals, to teachers, and to herself constantly. Is it possible for students, especially English-language learners, to come to school for an entire day, or perhaps a whole week, and never utter a word in class? The answer, she knows, is yes.