ELL Resources for Mathematics Educators

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Understanding Language launches a set of new, open source mathematics materials designed for teachers of ELLs. Designed to illustrate how the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in Mathematics can be used for ELL instruction, each lesson in the Supporting ELLs in Mathematics package is extensively annotated for classroom use with ELL students. Materials cover three grade spans (elementary, middle and high school) and include Principles for Mathematics Instruction and Guidelines for Design of Mathematics Instruction and Materials, together with templates for teachers to design their own tasks to support mathematics learning and language development for ELLs.

ELLs now comprise more than one in ten of the nation’s school-aged students. Crucial to these students’ academic success is their access to teaching that reflects the CCSS’ emphasis on communicating mathematical reasoning to deepen content knowledge. "These materials are unique in that they support classroom instruction that promotes student learning of mathematics through language, and language through mathematics. In other words, the UL resources encourage ELLs’ development of mathematical proficiency as well as the language to express that proficiency through active participation in mathematical practices and rigorous mathematical reasoning," states Judit Moschkovich, co-chair of the UL Mathematics Work Group.

Supporting ELLs in Mathematics is the work of a group of professional developers experienced in ELL mathematics instructional design. The UL materials were developed using research-based principles for designing mathematics instructional materials and tasks from two publicly accessible curriculum projects, Inside Mathematics and Mathematics Assessment Project. Each lesson supports students in learning to communicate about a mathematical problem they have solved, to read and understand word problems, or to incorporate mathematical vocabulary in problem solving activity. The full set of open source tasks, principles and guidelines are posted in the mathematics resources section of our website.

If you have any questions, please send them to UnderstandingLanguage@stanford.edu