MOOC Madness: New Course on Elementary Math Starts March 26

Monday, March 17, 2014

We are on a roll with the MOOCs, offered by Kenji Hakuta, Jeff Zwiers, and Sara Rutherford-Quach from Understanding Language. 

If you are interested in supporting language in elementary math, we have a MOOC for that too!  Please feel free to join the 2,500 teachers who have already registered.  The course starts March 26. 

Also, you can still join more than 4,000 teachers who have enrolled in a pair of MOOCs (one for elementary and one for secondary teachers) to support constructive classroom conversations among their students.  Follow the links below to register. 

Those who complete the requirements for these courses will receive a free Statement of Accomplishment from NovoEd. Those who wish to receive an official Statement of Completion for the course from the Stanford Graduate School of Education with an accompanying Narrative Evaluation of their work in the course may do so for a fee ($200).  Further details will be provided during each course.

Mastering Language for the Common Core State Standards: Focus on Mathematics in Elementary Grades

Constructive Classroom Conversations: Mastering Language for the Common Core State Standards


Please watch our website for the latest developments in “MOOC Madness”!