UL identifying 10 Essential Micro-credentials for EL Educators

Monday, May 7, 2018

Funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York, Understanding Language has collaborated with Digital Promise to develop the Supporting English Learners micro-credentials, a set of micro-credentials identifying ten critical competencies educators need to understand, adapt and apply to better integrate the learning of both content and language in their classrooms.

These ten micro-credentials address the following:

  • Language Fundamentals – Understanding the Role of Language in Content Learning
  • Constructive Conversations – Assessing Student Conversations
  • Constructive Conversations – Helping Students Clarify and Support Their Ideas
  • Constructive Conversations – Creating Effective Conversation Prompts
  • Mathematical Language Routines – Facilitating Student Ideas and Language: Stronger and Clearer Each Time
  • Mathematical Language Routines – Developing Students’ Abilities to Critique and Clarify the Reasoning of Others
  • Mathematical Language Routines – Designing and Using Information Gap Activities
  • Supporting Student Argumentation – Understanding Structure and Language of Argumentation
  • Supporting Student Argumentation – Helping Students Evaluate Evidence in Arguments
  • Supporting Student Argumentation – Fostering the Language of Argumentation

These micro-credentials guide educators as they enhance their instructional practices and recognize the role teachers play in students’ ability to leverage language while accessing content. Although each of these micro-credentials is unique in its distinct focus, all require educators to reflect on how their instruction influences actual student language use and development – an invaluable skill for today’s educators who lead increasingly complex and diverse classrooms.

Check out the micro-credentials

Enter the keywords “English learners” in the Search box or filter “Understanding Language at Stanford GSE” in the Issuing Organization drop-down menu to find our micro-credentials on the new Digital Promise Micro-credentials Platform.