CCSS Implementation and Assessment (Los Angeles)

Robert Linquanti & Steven Weiss
Jun 25, 2013 / 08:00 AM PDT to Jun 26, 2013 / 03:00 PM PDT

Co-sponsored by REL West at WestEd, the California Collaborative on District Reform at AIR, and California Education Partners, the two-day event will feature multiple opportunities for teams at all stages of CCSS implementation to learn from experts and each other, engage in discussion and planning activities, and set or refine next steps.

The keynote speaker on Day One, which will focus on instructional shifts in the Common Core State Standards, is Jonathan Raymond, Superintendent of the Sacramento City Unified School District. Expert session speakers include Cathy Schmidt, Student Achievement Partners (English Language Arts); Phil Daro, Strategic Education Research Partnership (Math); Robert Linquanti, WestEd (implications for English language learners); and administrative staff from the Sacramento City Unified School District (district infrastructure).

The Day Two keynote speaker is Stanley Rabinowitz, Director of WestEd's Assessment and Standards Development Services and Director of The Center on Standards and Assessment Implementation, who will speak about CCSS assessment challenges and their impact on instruction. An expert session on formative assessment will be presented by Margaret Heritage, Assistant Director for Professional Development, Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing (CRESST) at UCLA.

Breakout sessions will highlight district and county office of education efforts to plan and implement new instructional and assessment practices, including implications for district infrastructure, professional development, special populations, non-core subjects, technology, and other topics of interest.

Staff member Steven Weiss along with Katie Langlois from Morey Middle School (Denver Public Schools) will present two sessions around our work in middle school English Language Arts.

Instructional Approaches for English Language Learners in the Era of Common Core State Standards
The Understanding Language (UL) initiative at Stanford University seeks to heighten awareness of the critical role that language plays in the CCSS. This session will unpack a sample five-week, seventh-grade ELA unit, Persuasion across Time and Space: Analyzing and Producing Persuasive Texts, to illustrate how instruction based on the ELA CCSS can be designed to accelerate language and literacy development, as well as content-area learning, of ELs at the intermediate level of English language proficiency or above.

Implementation of Understanding Language: Opportunities, Lessons Learned, and Next Steps
Participants will learn about challenges and opportunities that implementation of a seventh-grade ELA unit afforded teachers and their English language learner students in pilot schools in Denver, Charlotte, and Chicago this spring. A classroom teacher will share her experiences in teaching the unit, with particular emphasis on how it informed her own instruction, including the importance of formative assessment, and the changes in her students' classroom discourse.


The conference is open to county offices of education and/or districts that commit to bringing a team of at least three leaders who are currently engaged in implementing the CCSS. Teams might include:

  • Superintendent and/or Assistant Superintendent
  • Chief Academic Officer
  • Administrator(s) in charge of CCSS implementation, professional development, student assessment, and/or technology
  • School principals, assistant principals, teacher/PLC leaders
  • Governing board members

Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel, 5400 West Century Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90045.  This event is free.