Conference for the CA State and District Leaders

Kenji Hakuta, Lydia Stack, Phil Daro, George Bunch, Robert Linquanti
Oct 26, 2012 / 09:00 AM to 05:30 PM PDT

Join our team on October 26, 2012 in San Diego to discuss the new Standards.

The educational reform energy triggered by the new Standards presents an exciting challenge for ELLs and the educators who teach them. To better prepare educators for the challenges inherent in the new standards, this one-day conference is designed to provide teacher educators with a framework for situating the preparation of new teachers.  During presentations and interactive sessions with members of the Understanding Language Initiative and California Department of Eduction, deans and faculty members from Education Departments will:

  • Learn about the major shifts that are articulated in the CCSS and the Next Generation Science Standards
  • Experience an ELA unit designed for the middle grades which embodies the major instructional shifts that are called for in the new standards
  • Learn about CA ELD Standards that are in development and discover ways in which they reflect the language demands that are implied in the CCSS, using a recent framework document developed by the Council of Chief State School Officers to look at the correspondence between ELD Standards and the Common Core
  • Consider policy implications
  • Discuss opportunities for enhancing/re-envisioning teacher preparation programs

Featured presenters include Kenji Hakuta (Stanford University), George Bunch (UC Santa Cruz), Robert Linquanti (WestEd), Karen Cadiero-Kaplan (CDE), Phil Daro (SERP), and Lydia Stack.

For more information about the Project CORE Conference, go here.