Webinar: Persuasion across time and space (ELA Unit)

Aída Walqui, George Bunch, Lydia Stack
Dec 06, 2012 / 03:00 PM to 04:00 PM PST

The ELA work group discussed their developed unit. This seventh grade unit exemplifies the shifts necessary to help ELLs meet the new Common Core State Standards.

In this unit, ELLs and their classmates analyze a series of complex persuasive texts—a collection of historical and contemporary speeches and advertisements—and then produce texts of their own. Members of the ELA workgroup will host an hour-long webinar explaining how the unit works and why it matters.

The unit was “pre-piloted” in the summer of 2012 in Oakland, CA and New York City, where it received positive responses from both teachers and students. In focus groups, teachers praised the rigor of the unit and remarked that the strategies and activities could be applied across a variety of topics. Our preliminary analysis of student work shows that by the end of the unit, the students demonstrated an enhanced ability to write for different audiences and purposes and to analyze the rhetorical moves of others.

The unit, designed for seventh grade English Language Arts, is available in the ELA resources page for download. The webinar was held live on December 6, 2012, from 3-4 pm PDT.