Magda Chia appointed to Understanding Language/SCALE

Jul 18, 2016

Understanding Language/Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity (UL/SCALE) today announced the appointment of Magda Chia, Ph.D., as the Director for Strategy, Impact and Policy, effective July 18, 2016.  In her role, she will develop and execute collaborations with states and districts to advance coherent education policy and practice using the resources of UL/SCALE.  Given available

Join Us to Establish a Culture of Constructive Conversations in the Classroom!

Jun 28, 2016

New College-and-Career-Readiness standards emphasize the importance of speaking, listening, and conversing not only as a means for learning, but also as a valuable goal of learning. Starting August 2, Professor Kenji Hakuta and Drs. Jeff Zwiers and Sara Rutherford-Quach at Stanford Graduate School of Education will offer a short online professional development course, Effective Conversation in the Classroom: Preparing for Rich Talk in Every Lesson, to help teachers prepare for teaching students to have in-depth conversations about content area concepts and topics.

Kenji Hakuta in Stanford graduation speech: “Education is a great way to spend your life”

Jun 14, 2016

At commencement, Stanford education graduates are urged to heal social rifts, build community and marvel at the wonders of learning. Stanford Graduate School of Education’s commencement on June 12 marked an educational milestone for its students and celebrated the lifetime of joy and meaning that lies ahead with a career in education.

Stanford Open Online Courses: Focus on Assessment of Student Learning and English Language Proficiency

May 20, 2016

Starting this Fall, 2016, Stanford University is pleased to offer a set of free online courses (MOOCs – Massive Open Online Courses) to help your state and local educators  use innovative assessment practices – instructionally-focused formative assessment and curriculum-embedded performance assessments for deeper learning, with a focus on language that will support English Learners.  The new forms of innovative assessments are rich with language and often require different forms of argumentation and justification to support student understanding and engagement with content.  In these assessments that are embedded in instruction and the curriculum, the inclusion of academic language is integrated by design, connecting language to content and critical thinking.  Information on the MOOCs are detailed below.