The Challenge of Assessing Language Proficiency Aligned to the Common Core State Standards and Some Possible Solutions

Alison Bailey and Mikyung Kim Wolf

The authors discuss the challenges of assessing English Language Proficiency (ELP) in ways that are aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), and then make recommendations for developers of the next generation ELP assessments.

They identify challenges around three sets of related issues:

  1. Identifying language knowledge and skills in the CCSS.
  2. Defining alignment in the context of ELP assessments.
  3. Articulating a new ELP standards framework that can guide states in their development of next generation ELP standards and assessments.

Alison Bailey & Mikyung Wolf on Common Core and Assessments


Alison Bailey and Mikyung Wolf discuss their vision of an integrated assessment system in which content assessments, English language proficiency assessments, and teaching are all aligned. How can we make assessments work at the system-wide level while also helping teachers in classrooms? How can we assess both English language proficiency and the attainment of new standards in the content areas?

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