Language and the Common Core State Standards

Leo van Lier and Aída Walqui

This paper points out three different ways that language is involved in the standards: language requirements in the content standards, English language arts standards, and language-convention-specific standards. It calls for a thoughtful integration of these three dimensions.

The authors also frame language in the context of the Common Core, focusing on what students can accomplish using language rather than on whether or how students use specific language features. This broader definition encourages the development of cognitive, linguistic, and affective strengths in ELLs and gives students the opportunity to take valuable actions toward academic success.

4.Aida Walqui: Language and the Common Core State Standards


Aída Walqui says that teacher expertise must change over time to respond to the needs of a changing society. To build this expertise, we must provide teachers with a range of learning opportunities, made coherent by a framework in which they set short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals.

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