Teacher Development Appropriate to Support ELLs

María Santos, Linda Darling-Hammond, and Tina Cheuk

This paper outlines strategies to prepare teachers to better meet the needs of English Language Learners (ELLs). New academic and language demands placed on students will require the development of new skills among teachers and school leaders.

Even among educators who have been successful at educating ELLs under traditional supports and programs, the level of knowledge required to do the job successfully has increased. This paper considers more aggressive and creative capacity-building initiatives that strengthen and integrate the disciplinary teaching strategies with literacy and language development strategies. The authors discuss the value and implications of new partnerships, of structures for collaboration, and of time dedicated to engaging experts from different fields in the design and delivery of teacher preparation and professional development.

10.María Santos: Teacher development, Common Core, and ELLs


María Santos says the Common Core State Standards call for a shift in our educational systems. What kinds of professional development collaborations will help teachers meet new demands in content and language learning?

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