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Understanding Language Joins CSET
Understanding Language and the Center to Support Excellence in Teaching and are pleased to announce a new working framework that situates UL as part of CSET

Resources and Updates

UL Seeks District Partners for Co-Constructing Educator Capacity through ELD Curriculum Development Network
Sep 09, 2021

This spring, UL partnered with a cohort of CA districts to improve designated/ targeted secondary ELD materials and professional development. This initiative involves cross-district educators as part of a multi-year network whose goal is not only to create/enhance instructtional materials, but to improve the programs, policies and/or practices for multilingual learners. 

Supporting Multilingual Learners This Fall Webinar
Aug 24, 2021

How can educators build on the assets that Multilingual learners bring as they return to the classroom this fall? How can district and site leaders support their teachers in focusing on acceleration rather than remediation for these students? 

New CSET-UL Language and Literacy Project CLAVES
Apr 26, 2021

CLAVES is a small group language and literacy program intended to support the reading and writing development of multilingual learners (MLs) and their peers in upper elementary school. The program focuses on building linguistic and metalinguistic awareness to help comprehend text. 

Building and Maintaining Relationships with Multilingual Students and their Families
Oct 26, 2020

While the COVID-19 pandemic is a moment of unprecedented educational crisis, it’s also a unique opportunity to transform our approaches to supporting multilingual learners.